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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

A few months ago, BBC started showing new bumpers between their programmes. It got a lot of attention as public money was spent on promoting a public service: funded by the money each household spend annually on the TV licence. Same thing is happening again, just “closer to home” this time. For a weeks now, the Ordnance Survey are running an ads campaign: “Get away this Christmas. Get a map”! It's really a funny ad. It shows a couple of turkeys à la “Chicken Run” by Aardman Animations with the caption: Not everyone looks forward to Christmas. Those who prefer to escape the traditional stuffing will need an accurate map. All very well of course, but I am not sure how other cartographic publishers are taking this. “Unfair competition” would be my first suggestion.  permanent link for this entry

Just finished watching an episode of “Faking it”: she went from ferry stewardess to racing yacht skipper on one of the Challenger yachts I was on earlier this year in Southampton. Quite interesting to see someone mastering the art of sailing in such a short time. Very good how she impressed the judges in the end. Funny thing was that most of the other skippers were crew members on the day I was down there: all these familiar faces on the screen.  permanent link for this entry

“Must see” would be a good title for this entry, but unfortunately Blogger doesn't do a separate title field. Hmm... or I am just to lazy to explore how to do this.

First of all, on Sunday I went to see the documentary “Bowling for Columbine”. At one moment, the audience cannot not stop laughing, the next moment, everyone is holding their breath. It's a very moving view on the gun issue in the States. Someone told me the other day she had once bought a gun for her dad. In their county there is a limit to the number of guns you can buy, so as he had exceeded his limit, she simply got to buy him one. Note however, this limit only restricts the number of guns you can buy IN ONE MONTH!

Last night I went for a Christmas dinner in Kensington. As I arrived a bit early at South Kensington tube station, I decided to visit the “Earth from the Air” exhibition in the gardens of the Natural History Museum. It shows large-scale photographs of natural landscapes: providing a spectacular view on some of the World's greatest features! Definitely worth visiting, despite the fact that it is outdoors and it was freezing cold!  permanent link for this entry

Friday, December 06, 2002

When I was in the Netherlands the other week, I met up with Herman. He's the only person from my secondary school I am still in contact with. On our way to the pub, we bumped into one of our class mates! I recognised him, Herman didn't. Of course neither of us remember his name... At a school reunion a few months ago, rumour had it I was married and had children! Not that I know of...

Well, today I stumbled across Now there's some fuel for interesting gossip to be found there. Very addictive! At last a Dutch equivalent to the British “Friendsreunited”!  permanent link for this entry

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

In Amsterdam, visitors of the exhibition “Maps of Amsterdam 1866-2000” at the Amsterdam City Archive are invited to take part in the Amsterdam RealTime project. Carrying a GPS for the duration of the exhibition, their journeys through the city are traced, thus creating a map of movements.  permanent link for this entry