Classification of web maps

Cartography is not just about map-making anymore, but about map-use as well. The characteristics of the World Wide Web, INTERACTION, MULTIMEDIA, ANIMATION, and PERSONALISATION make maps more useful: everyone can create their own maps.

Smaller online mapping applications can be built using common, client-side web technology such as image maps, DHTML, JavaScript, and Java applets. Other applications defer processing to the web server, using server-side scripting or Common Gateway Interface technology.

serving SVG from your web server
A detailed discussion about how to set up a Web server and to embed SVG in your XHTML to start publishing Scalable Vector Graphics online.
creating web maps in SVG from GIS data
Based on chapter 12 from O'Reilly's SVG Essentials by J. David Eisenberg, a PERL script is used to extract geometric data from an Arc/Info ungenerate file and to write an SVG file.

This graphic shows some of the effects that can be achieved with SVG. The Hydron website provided the inspiration.